Tastes of the World

Tastes of Valencia…


Sun & history & beach & tapas & sangria and love… It is a summary of our long weekend in Valencia…

Last weekend we decided to go somewhere close to Zurich and accessible to sea side… We found our self in Valencia and it was a great decision!

From Zurich to Valencia is only 2 hours of flight and the city is very close to Airport & beach side! We discovered every corner of the city in 2 days and tasted some delicious tapas in town! This blog is not about holidays so i’ll give some tips about where to eat in Valencia and of course what to eat 🙂

Sooooo let’s start our tour!

Breakfast in Valencia…

A typical day in Valencia starts with a delicious Tostada con tomate , narancia and cafe con leche! As you can see from the photo, Spanish people love eating a toast with a tomato puree and olive oil! This is a simple but a delicious breakfast that you can find in every corner in Valencia! Juts mention that you want your toast with tomato otherwise they can give you toast with olive oil and salt 🙂


Lunch in Valencia…

During the lunch time the weather was so hot and we wanted to eat something fresh and healthy.. We found a very nice Pinchos Bar where you can find these delicious toasts with so many different ingredients. You take your plate and you choose whatever you want from the bar only for 1.70 Euro each!

If you are in city centre, i highly recommend you to check this place for some delicious Pinchos: www.sagardi.com



Dinner in Valencia…

Valencia a culinary city… Any time, anywhere you can find a bar, cafe or restaurant that offers so many delicious food.

After spending 1 hours on deciding where to eat a good paella in city centre, finally we found ourself in a very cute and local restaurant called: http://restaurantecanela.es  They have 2 restaurants next to each other and i recommend you to choose the one next to the walls… they have space at outside and it is more relaxed than the other one.

This restaurant offers nice tapas and paella and especially their Artichoke with cream and mushrooms  & Paella with seafood were divine!