Simple Pasta Salad

Today is a perfect day to prepare this delicious pasta salad for lunch / dinner! 👌🏻☀️🌈 what do you think? ⁣⁣Here are the ingredients: ⁣🥗 pasta – here I used a special one but you can use whatever you prefer. ⁣🥗 little mozzarella balls ⁣🥗 beetroot ⁣🥗cucumbers ⁣🥗fresh basil leaves ⁣For the sauce I only … More Simple Pasta Salad

Clay Pot Vegetables

Today we have an ideal weather to cook something in oven! ⁣⁣This wholesome vegetarian recipe is filled with lots of summer veggies 🤗 and delicious side dish for dinner. ⁣⁣For this recipe I love using my clay pot, I believe that it gives a lovely earthy flavor to vegetables and meat. What do you think? … More Clay Pot Vegetables

Braised Eggplants

Hi everyone! Today I would like to share my all time fav recipe!If you also like eggplants as we do, then scroll down and start cooking this amazing dish 🙂 Believe me, you’ll love it! Enjoy! Cooking Time: 45 – 60 mins Level: Easy – serves 4 people Ingredients: 4 medium eggplants 1 big onion … More Braised Eggplants