I love Lentils!

I love lentils! They are excellent source of fibre, copper,magnesium, folate and reduces cholesterol! I try to use them a lot in salads, soups and rice! See the links below for our delicious & healthy lentil recipes!  Cold Noodle Salad with Lentils    Lentil Soup with Dried Mint and Orzo   Pilaf with Lentils and Onions  Lentil Salad … More I love Lentils!

Celery Soup with Apples

Between storms and rain all I need is a heart warming soup 🙂 The other day I was looking for a different soup ideas and I came across to this on @dokuzuncubulut’s Instagram account and decided to try at home!  The original recipe can be found here      ( in turkish). Enjoy!