Steak Tartar Bites

This time we are saying hello to you with a classic French recipe: Steak Tartare! This recipe has two importance first,  this time it was my husband who created the recipe by sticking to his French roots. Secondly, we’ve developed it for a special event which is sponsored by Coop@Home! Thanks @Angebissen for the invite … More Steak Tartar Bites

Fennel salad with Tuna

I’ve just realised that I forgot to add this recipe on my blog 🙂 This is a very fresh and tasty salad that you can prepare under 10 mins! Really 🙂 Scroll down and check out the recipe details! #keepcookingathome #zuricheats Enjoy!

Cod Fish with Asparagus à la sauce de Sylvie!

Hmmm.. Spring is here and it’s asparagus time! I’ll share a delicious, fantastic, super yummy beurre blanc recipe that goes well with Cod fish! Maybe you ask why the sauce is called “ Sauce de Sylvie”. Its just because that my mother in law created this sauce 🙂 Actually it is little bit different from the … More Cod Fish with Asparagus à la sauce de Sylvie!