Coq au Vin

This time we’ve prepared one of the classic of the French Cuisine: Coq au vin – Or in English  chicken braised in wine. It was our first time to try at home and the result was fantastic. Our guests were so happy and it was great to see them eating with taking any breath 🙂 … More Coq au Vin

Steak Tartar Bites

This time we are saying hello to you with a classic French recipe: Steak Tartare! This recipe has two importance first,  this time it was my husband who created the recipe by sticking to his French roots. Secondly, we’ve developed it for a special event which is sponsored by Coop@Home! Thanks @Angebissen for the invite … More Steak Tartar Bites

Fennel salad with Tuna

I’ve just realised that I forgot to add this recipe on my blog 🙂 This is a very fresh and tasty salad that you can prepare under 10 mins! Really 🙂 Scroll down and check out the recipe details! #keepcookingathome #zuricheats Enjoy!