My Story

PinarWelcome to #Zurich_Eats ! I am Pinar, the creator of this blog.

Since I was a kid, I have been inerested in cooking  and in tasting different recipes! I remember that I used to play  « Cooking with Pinar » in our kitchen and I was inventing recipes with leftovers…

Days and years passed… My life has changed and I moved to Zurich. Now I am working as a HR professional and during the nights & weekends i follow my dream: Creating new recipes and food blogging!

As you may know, restaurants are very expensive in  Zurich and most of people cook at home. My aim through this blog is to help and show people that they can cook at home with a little budget and cooking can be fun! Most of the recipes will have Turkish & French cuisines’ influences and whatever else  comes to my mind 🙂

So please feel free to  share what you cook at home with this hastag : #zuricheats and let’s discover recipes with each other !

With Love,


About the pictures on #Zurich_Eats :

I am not a Professional photographer, so don’t accept fancy food pictures from this blog. But this blog promises you simple and sincère food pictures directly from my kitchen. And all the pictures are taken by me with my iPhone 🙂 You may follow my food & Swiss adventure through my instagram account :Zurich_eats

Enjoy it !



2 thoughts on “My Story

  1. hi pinar

    we are happy to welcome you on EatSmart, as you mentioned restaurants are expensive but with Food-Sharing we can bring a absolutely new experience to people out there.

    homemade food available for people around

    we would be very happy to have also your support, as more people know about eatsmart the better the community will be

    thanks for your help in order to create an amazing community

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