The Butcher and his Daughter

We all know that Zurich food scene has so much to offer and we love sharing the latest news with you.

Today, we are discovering The Butcher and his Daughter! What a cool name for a restaurant right? =)

The Butcher and his Daughter has opened their doors 2 weeks ago and we had a chance to taste their delicious burgers & salads.

Let’s start with the concept:

Their culinary style is to serve dishes from sustainable cultivation. They only serve what is in the season by using the local products.

Another idea of this place is to welcome everyone! I mean, if you are vegan, vegetarian or a meat lover, you can easily find delicious burgers ( yes plant based burgers toooooo), salads and more.

The team designed the space with an Art deco style and from the first moment that you enter, you feel like you can spend hours. It was such a joy sitting there and tasting their new menu.

As the space is quite big, they also have a garden & bar area. What we loved most is their delivery place where you can play Pac-man while you wait for your food to take away. What a cool idea!

The menu:

They don’t have a huge menu that you get lost. They keep it simple and creative. They use local and seasonal products so every season the menu changes!

Here are top 5:

  1. Pink Hummus with Falafel (8.5 Chf)

2.Tatar – Plant based ( 13.5 Chf)

3.Chicken Pieces – Plant based ( 26 Chf)

4. Cheesecake – Glutenfree (9,5 Chf)  

5.Pulled  Jackfruit Burger (27.5 Chf) & Cauliflower (6.5 Chf)

Planted Tuesdays!

On Tuesdays they serve every dish as a plant based option. So you can try their fancy plant based Chicken Burger and their delicious handmade truffle fries and finish with a nice glutenfree cheesecake ( I loved that one).

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 23.00

Sunday 12.00 – 22.00

Address: Badenerstrasse 97, 8004 Zürich

Tel: 044 525 00 85

Web page:

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