New Korean Restaurant in town: Miss Miu

Have you ever tried Korean food?

I know that in Zurich we don’t have many Korean restaurants and a lot of people don’t have any idea about the richness of the Korean Cuisine.

During our world trip, we had the chance to discover different Korean restaurants in the US and Australia and we were always wondering why we don’t have cool equivalents in Zurich. I think someone heard our voice and came up with a super concept! 🙂

The Wiesner family, who owns many places in Zurich (Nooch. Negishi Sushi Bar, The Butcher, etc.) opened “Miss Miu” in Europaalle. We had the privilege to visit the venue and taste the delicious food yesterday before their public opening. Here are our first impressions!

The venue:

To be honest, I didn’t exactly know what to expect but probably some kind of traditional Korean atmosphere. Miss Miu however surprised us with a very modern and stylish decoration, with paintings on the ceilings & walls as well as plants all over the place (see pictures below).

The space is quite big and divided into different areas:

  • A Take Away area where you can order your food from Touchscreens
  • A bar opened on the main dinning area

  • A lounge area for quick bites and apero

  • A special Korean BBQ place – this will be my fav corner 🙂

  • A dining area and a terrace

What about the food?
For the menu, the restaurant offers famous Korean specialities such as:

  • Bibimbap ( 15 – 32 CHF)
  • Korean BBQ
  • Gimbap – the Korean Sushi ( 18 CF for 8 pieces)
  • Kimchi – not only cabbage but also carrot, cucumbers, radish Kimchi. ( 5 CHF)
  • Korean Fried Chicken ( 23 – 26 CHF)
  • and their favourite shaved ice creams ( 12 – 24 CHF)
  • and more…

Our highlights from the Menu:

I had the chance to try some of the items from the menu and I would say that my favorites were:

  • Fried chicken wings
  • Fried cauliflower with a delicious sweet sauce
  • Kyote Pop – marinated crispy tofu
  • Awoo Karaoke – Beef Bulgogi with soybeen sprouts & onions
  • Shaved ice cream with melons
  • And of course their homemade Kimchis.

One last Cool thing:

There is a gift corner where you can buy these cute “Sushi socks”

The Miss Miu team has invested 2 years to develop the menu & the concept of this new restaurant and now we can truly understand why they didn’t want to rush! Well done, and as Zurich_Eats team we wish you success in Zurich!

Opening Hours:

Mo – Do: 10:00 – 23:00
Fr – Sa: 10:00 24:00
So: 10:00 23:00

Europaalle 48
8004 Zurich
044 260 55 22

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