A night at the Best of Swiss Gastro Awards!


This year I have been invited to Best of Swiss Gastro awards by @Clausthaler and @coolbrandz.

It was my first time to attend to this award night and I was really curious to meet Switzerland’s Best Gastro award winners and foodies!

The award night was in a big event hall – Halle 622 in Oerlikon and there were more than 200 guests. Overall we had such a great experience from the beginning until the end so again well done to the organisers!


Best of Swiss Gastro Award Winners!


There were 200 different companies who applied for the award from all around the Switzerland. Among the nominees, there were quite a lot young and new business owners and It was good to see that some of them got the prize!

Here is the list of the winners and my notes next to them 🙂

Bar & Lounge

  • 1st place: Atelier Classic Bar
  • 2nd place: Bar Ciani Lugano
  • 3rd place: My senses ( I am quite curious to check this place )

On the Move

  • 1st place: Eiswerkstatt
  • 2nd place: Geschmackslokal
  • 3rd place: Zapote ( I like this place in Zurich! They have very nice burritos and salads, ideal for lunch )


  • 1st place: Milchbar ( one of my favourite cafe in Zurich, especially on Saturdays they have fresh chocolate croissants!!)
  • 2nd place: Beckeria in Zurich (  very new place in Zurich and they are on my list!)
  • 3rd place: Einstein au Jardin


  • 1st place: Smith and de LUMA ( great steaks and dinner!)
  • 2nd place: Zur Wekstatt in Luzern
  • 3rd place: Ayverdi’s ( New fancy Kebab place where they serve Kebab with truffles.)


  • 1st place: Chäsalp ( one of my favourite fondue restaurant in Zurich)
  • 2nd place: Restaurant Alpenblick
  • 3rd place: Restaurant Eichberg


  • 1st place: Okki Japanese Izakaya ( one of our favourite authentic Japanese restaurant in Zurich, worth a try!)
  • 2nd place: Portofino in Thalwil
  • 3rd place: Usagiyama


  • 1st place: Wilder Mann
  • 2nd place: Gasthaus zum Hirschen
  • 3rd place: Landgasthof Wartegg

Fine Dining

  • 1st place: Ristorante da Enzo in Ponte Brolla
  • 2nd place: Gustav ( I usally go there for drinks, they have a very nice bar & lounge too)
  • 3rd place: Parkhuus in Zurich



Again, thank you to @Clausthaler and @coolbrandz who invited us to this amazing event.


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