Pesto & Tomato Quiche


This is a recipe from one of my favourite blogger: Cafe Fernando! Cenk is a talented food blogger and he has a great book where you can find amazing recipes.

Last night we followed his recipe and we made a delicious quiche with Pesto and Tomatoes.

Here is the recipe and i am sure you’ll love it!

Cooking Time:  1hr for preparations & 1 hr for baking the quiche

Level: Medium


For the Quiche Dough

  • 150 gr, butter ( must be cold and sliced into small cubes)
  • 80 gr very cold water
  • 5 gr apple vinegar
  • 233 gr flour
  • 13 gr sugar
  • 4gr salt

For the filling  

  • 120 gr cream
  • 1 big egg
  • 1 big egg yolk
  • 80 gr pesto sauce
  • 25 g parmesan cheese
  • Fresh tomatoes ( in the original recipe, they use Tomato Confit  )

Start with the Pie, it takes little bit of time 🙂

Add sugar, salt, flour and butter. Mix it with a help of a fork until the butter becomes in a size of lentil. ( dont use your hands cause the heat on your hands will melt the butter)

Then add the water & vinegar. When you add these make sure that you add it slowly. Mix the dough with a fork and take little bit from the mixture.  Squeeze it with your hands and if the dough sticks good enough then it means that the dough is ready to go to fridge.

Cover the dough with a stretch wrap and let it cool down for 1 hr.

Preheat the oven to 200 C.

Then take the dough, place it between 2 baking papers.  Take the rolling pin and roll out the dough according to the size of your baking pan. I kept the dough little bit thick but preferably roll out the with the size of your baking pan.

Once the dough is ready, place a baking paper on the dough and fill it with dry beans and bake it for 20 mins.

Remove the baking paper and beans and bake the pie for 10 mins more ( until the dough becomes brownish).

Take the dough from the oven, turn the heat to 130 C and start to prepare the filling.

Beat the eggs, cream and pesto sauce. Pour the mixture into the cooled pie base. Decorate the filling with tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

Let this bake for 1 hour and eat it when it is little bit warm 🙂

You’ll love this recipe!

For more from Cafe Fernando check his food blog from here.


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