My Mum’s Delicious Leek Recipe


Recently i realised that my mum used to cook lots of vegetable dishes at home and most of them are actually vegan :)) It’s funny to realise this now and i am thankful that she thought us these delicious healthy recipes.

This leek dish is my favourite one and I cook it very often!

As sharing is caring, i would like to share this recipe by participating to “our growing edge” challenge to inspire more people to cook at home and share their family recipes! This month the host is smallwoodparsonage!

Enjoy it!


Ingredients for 4 person

  • 200 gr of Leeks ( chopped in thick circles)
  • 1 small onion
  • 1 tablespoon of rice
  • 1 carrot
  • 2 tablespoon of olive oil ( according to your taste you can add more)
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar ( if you don’t prefer sugar, you don’t have to add it)
  • 1/2 glass of water ( add water until you cover the leeks – be careful not to add to much)
  • Salt & pepper


Cooking Time:  25 min.

Level: Easy

Clean and cut the leeks and carrots into big circles, chopped the onions.

Take a deep pan and add all the veggies with olive oil and roast them in a medium heat during 5 mins. Then add sugar, water and the cleaned rice ( i always clean the rice before ) and let it cook in a medium heat during 20 mins.

Every 10 mins just check if there is still water inside the pan or not. If there is no water and the leeks are still crunchy then add hot water and let it cook more.

You can serve this dish as cold & hot and you can keep it during 2 days in the fridge!

Bon appétit!


2 thoughts on “My Mum’s Delicious Leek Recipe

  1. I love leeks but didn’t grow up eating them so always keen for new recipes. Thanks for sharing this!

    This post would make a great addition to Our Growing Edge, a monthly blog link up just for new food adventures. It’s a fun way to share your new food experiences with other foodies. This month’s theme is FAMILY RECIPES which includes any recipe or food experience enjoyed by your family.

    More info including how to submit your link here:

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