Fresh & Easy After Work Salad :)


After a busy working day all i need was to eat an easy and delicious salad… I mixed all the veggies in my fridge and i prepared this delicious salad!

Enjoy it!


1 Cucumber

6-7 cherry tomatoes

Bunch of parsley & basil

1 Lemon juice

1 Shallot

1 boiled egg

1 teaspoon of black cumin

Extra Virgin Oil

Salt & pepper

Cooking Time:  6 min for egg & 5 min for cutting all the veggies

Level: Easy,  for 1 person

Start to boil your egg according to your taste.

On the other side start chopping the cucumber, tomatoes, shallot, parsley and basil according to your preference. Place them in a big bowl, season it with lemon juice, black cumin, salt and little bit of olive oil.

Once the egg is ready, top your salad with it and your delicious salad is ready to eat!

Bon Appétit!


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