Leeks with Minced Meat – My mom’s special!


Leeks are a quite tasty vegetables and many people don’t know how to cook them as a main dish. In my opinion the most tasty way to eat this is with minced meat, as my mom used to cook at home.

For cold winter days, this recipe can be a good idea for the ones who look for a different tastes. It takes little bit long to cook but I bet that you will love it!

So let’s start to cooking! 


200 gr of minced meat – beef

1 kg of Leeks – we will use only the white parts of the leeks

1 medium onion

1 sugar cube

2 carrots

Tomato Paste – I use always this one, its delicious!

Pinch of white rice ( not jasmine rice but baldo rice)

1,5 glass of water – maybe more if needed.

Salt & Pepper

Olive Oil

Cooking Time: 1h

Level: Medium – Serves 4-5 people

Start trimming the leeks, cut the green parts and throw them away. Then cut the white parts of the leeks into 2cm circles, chop the onions and cut the carrots into circles.

Heat the cooking pan with olive oil and add onions. Cook it during 5 mins and add the minced meat. Stir them until the meat takes its colour ( about 10 mins).

Add leeks and carrots to the pan and let it cook during 3 mins. Then add 1,5 glass of water, tomato paste, sugar and rice into the pan. Stir them little bit and cover the pan. Cook your meal in a low heat during 45 mins.

During the cooking time check the leeks if they need more water. This is quite important! This dish should be little watery ( check the picture) if you see that it needs some water to boil the vegetables add HOT water, never cold water 🙂

At the end of 45 mins, if the leeks and carrots are soft, then turn off the heat and serve your dish hot.

Bon Appétit!


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