Cranberry Sauce

Despite this sauce has a fancy name, it is very easy to cook it at home. All you need is Sugar, cranberries, lemon and cinnamon. It has a very delicious flavour and makes your turkey more tasty!

Here is my very first cranberry sauce recipe!


500 gr of cranberries – I couldn’t find the fresh ones but i used dried berries.

Half of a small lemon juice

Pinch of cinnamon

Sugar ( Its hard to give you the exact sugar amount. Add 5 tablespoon of sugar and taste your sauce. If it is not enough, add more sugar)

2,5 glass of water

Take a sauce pan and put all the ingredients + squeezed lemon juice and cook them over minimum heat. Stir it every 5 min and check If it needs more sugar or lemon.

Once the cranberries become smooth and the sauce becomes chewy than take your pan from the heat and let it cooler in the room temperature.

We served this sauce cold but when you serve you can heat it.

Bon Appétit!


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