Persimmon Salad

Let’s make this delicious and healthy salad for dinner! Ingredients: Aragula Persimmon – cut them into cubes 1/2 Pomegranate Roasted nuts 2 tbs olive oil & balsamic vinegar The recipe is quite easy. Take a big bowl, mix all the ingredients and finish it with a touch of olive oil, salt and vinegar! We loved … More Persimmon Salad

Fresh Pasta Salad

I really like pasta salads! it is easy to make it + always tasty + makes people immediately happy! ⁣ ⁣ This time we got inspiration from our lovely friend Tanja and prepared a very nice sauce for our salad. Here are the details: lots of olive oil, curry powder, oregano, onions, salt, pepper, little bit … More Fresh Pasta Salad

Dukkah Spice

Hello! Yesterday in Sydney,  I discovered a delicious spice blend called Dukkah! Apparently, it is an Egyptian spice blend with some nuts, spices and herbs!  I really loved the taste of the spices w nuts especially when you blend it with some olive oil.. hmm just so good!

Apero Bites!

Today i am sharing a very easy and delicious apero bites that i’ve prepared this summer. We loved the combination of the zucchini w tuna fish, if you try another combination let me know 🙂 Enjoy!

Pan con Tomate

  A delish recipe from Spain… oh i love this so much!! especially during hot summer days.. Have you ever tired it at home? If not, check out the recipe below. Enjoy!  

Simple is beautiful

Last year were visiting Venice and I bought these lovely coloured pasta!  We tried a very simple sauce that didn’t kill the taste: olive oil, little bit of rosemary, lemon zest, tiny bits of garlic and some gruyere cheese… Hmm, the taste was just amazing! How do you cook these kind of coloured pasta? I … More Simple is beautiful

Artichoke Salad

Yaay! I am back to my kitchen! i know it has been a long long time … i was quite busy with my self.. work .. and anyways! Now its time to talk about my latest recipe! I’ve been making this easy & delicious artichoke salad a lot lately and here is the details! Enjoy!

Celery Soup with Apples

Between storms and rain all I need is a heart warming soup 🙂 The other day I was looking for a different soup ideas and I came across to this on @dokuzuncubulut’s Instagram account and decided to try at home!  The original recipe can be found here      ( in turkish). Enjoy!

Coq au Vin

This time we’ve prepared one of the classic of the French Cuisine: Coq au vin – Or in English  chicken braised in wine. It was our first time to try at home and the result was fantastic. Our guests were so happy and it was great to see them eating with taking any breath 🙂 … More Coq au Vin

Zucchini Dream

I don’t know why I named this recipe like this… Maybe its delicious taste biased me unconsciously 🙂 This is a great weekend dish that you can easily prepare! Be aware, this can be highly addictive! 🙂 Enjoy!

After work salad

Sometimes you just feel like not cooking… Last night was that kind of night and i prepared this salad intuitively! To be honest the result was delicious and I decided to share it on my blog! Enjoy!